The Macdonald Hotel Group in little more than a decade has grown from just two hotels in   Aberdeenshire to one of the 10 largest hotel companies in the U.K. 


Seeking to grow their share of US business, they hired       Cakewalk to develop high-rated leisure business, and initiate sales calls to the meeting & incentive market.


Through our database of        contacts, we stimulated a number of new tour operator              contracts, encouraged independent travel with a bespoke toll-free telephone number, and achieved an overall 10:1 return on the money Macdonald Hotels invested.






Case Study - Macdonald Hotel Group

“I would like to thank you for your efforts in supporting our Hotels over the last 2 years”


Gerry Smith

Deputy Chief Executive

Macdonald Hotels

421 17th Street

Brooklyn, New York 11215

Phone: (1) 917 679 3098